Our know how

Our buns are custom made to the customer specifications of shape, consistency and flavour. Fresh and tasty, East Balt products are made using the highest quality ingredients. 

Formulated using strong wheat sourced from local farmers in Europe, this type of wheat is particularly suited to give the bun all its qualities: thin crust, golden color, tight and regular crumb.

The secret is in the proper selection of wheat fir protein and other components that can only be understood by chemical analysis of the wheat before and after milling.

East Balt’s technical staff and bakers have a responsibility to produce quality buns on a large scale with daily production of over 3 million buns. At every key stage of production, their expertise is expressed: dough mixing, first slow fermenting of sourdough yeast, final dough mixing, division, shaping, proofing or second fermenting and baking.

Creativity and originality are two key values that enable East Balt Europe to formulate over 100 new recipes each year. With ever increasing focus on different buns from around the globe the company has accepted the challenge of proposing an increasingly innovative and tasty bun taking particular care to work on forms (round, square , elongated ...) but also on the flavors (cheese, rosemary, onions, bacon, olive oil, tomato ... ) as well as taste and texture (focaccia, ciabatta…).

At the core of customer satisfaction is the ability to create new products. With a skilled staff located around the world, East Balt has the ability to provide custom solutions beside buns, like tortillas, bagels and English Muffins, to meet customer’s unique needs.